Shandong Jinhu Group, head office located in National high and new technology development zone jinhu industry park in Linyi City Shandong Province.

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It is easy to form a complete equipment. Except the special parts for the production line, the other parts can use the Chinese standard equipment. Control the quality in strict accordance with the ISO9001. The key electronic components use the high quality products from the internationally known company.

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  • Brief introduction of gypsum powder production line

    Natural gypsum generally includes dihydrate gypsum and anhydrous gypsum. In order to get the valuable materials, generally, we get semi-hydrated gypsum through heating the dihydrate gypsum.

  • Main parameters and indicators

    The crushing system can crush large ore from mine mining to an average granularity of 25 mm by one time, is an ideal version of traditional ways of two and three stage crushing.

  • Natural gypsum powder production line layout

    The scale of production and the area of the plant are moderate and match the automation and the mechanization of the production line, which is easy to manage.

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